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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your service work?

Submit a quote request for your land and/or cruise vacation. Be sure to specify if you are already working with a specific Vacation Planner, otherwise one will be assigned for you. Your Vacation Planner will respond with price, availability and details on the best options for you, as well as their personal email address and toll free number so you can contact the directly.

Do you charge a fee for your extra services?

Nope! You will pay the same, and in many cases lower rates, than you would if you book direct with a supplier. We are compensated by the travel suppliers who pay us commission for our sales. We provide our personalized planning and other services to you free!

How long will I have to wait for a reply?

Many times its only a matter of a couple of hours or even less! However, because of weekends, holidays and the website available 24/7, we reserve a 24 hour response time.

What happens if a promotion comes out after I book?

No Problem! Your Vacation Planner will monitor your booking for any promotions or price reductions and will proactively apply the savings for any that would regularly qualify. Please keep in mind, sometimes suppliers run promotions only for residents of specific states, seniors, etc - or they require a change fee to add the savings. If we can apply the savings we will contact you with the good news!

Will I have to pay for my vacation upfront?

Not usually. When there is enough time before travel, we can place a no obligation courtesy hold for a few days to secure the rates and space while we finalize the details. A deposit, amount varies depending on the vacation and payable via major credit card, will be due when the hold expires. Your Vacation Planner will provide all of the deposit and final payment details.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept major credit cards for your deposit and final payment. Your credit card number will be provided to the travel supplier, they will run the transaction and it will show up on your statement as a charge from the supplier.

Why do you require guest names if I only want a quote?

Rates and availability can change quickly. If availability is low, this information allows us to place a courtesy hold on the arrangements giving us time to communicate the rates and allows you the opportunity to consider the options.

I have already booked my cruise/vacation package, can I still use your service?

If you booked your reservation direct with a supplier (cruise line, Disney, etc), we can certainly transfer your booking to our agency and you can take advantage of our services. Just fill out a quote request and let us know you have a current booking and we will check immediately for a lower rate. Your Vacation Planner will work with you on the details needed to complete the transfer. If you booked with another travel agency, out of professional courtesy, we will not be able to transfer your reservation.

Why don't you offer a phone number on your front page?

Being an internet based company with affiliates located all over the USA, we have found the process is much faster and more efficient with online requests and direct contact with your assigned Vacation Planner. You will be able to work with them directly instead of having to track them down through a receptionist. However, if you prefer to call you can reach our corporate offices at 877-881-7771 and we will take your information and assign a Vacation Planner to return your call.

What are your change and cancellation fees & penalties?

We do not charge any agency fees for changes or cancellations. We are confident that in the unfortunate circumstance that you have to cancel your vacation, you will be so pleased with our serivce that you will certainly return. However, the suppliers change and cancel policies will still apply. Ask your Vacation Planner for the policies that will apply to your vacation.

Should I buy travel Insurance?

The best way to protect your trip and to have complete peace of mind is to have full and comprehensive travel insurance. We recommend it for our clients. A good travel insurance policy will protect you from most eventualities and we will gladly assist with arranging travel insurance.